Tower House Pottery


Since moving to Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1976 we have successfully run a small studio pottery producing thrown earthenware based on traditional English slipware.

Our ceramics are highly decorated with drawings using the technique known as sgraffito. These are mainly floral designs, or images reflecting our location. After illustrating the raw clay pots, they are fired, coloured by painting with metal oxides, glazed, then fired again. Each process is done by hand to produce individual pieces.


Commissions are the mainstay of our business; often they are commemorative pieces and occasionally, tile panels.

We regularly participate in the Christmas Exhibitions at The Shipley Museum and Art Gallery, Gateshead. For this occasion we make special exhibition examples decorated with images of the Newcastle area.

Sgraffito – decorative work in which the top layer is removed to expose the lower layer. Our pots are thrown in red clay, dipped in white slip and scratching through the slip creates the images.



Iris Jug Production - sketching pattern on white slip ready for scratching